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Bio: Angel: @uber @thumbtack @wealthfront @datastax @robinhoodapp @desktopmetal Founder @Engadget @Inside @LAUNCH @twistartups / July 18

07:35 PM  10/16/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Has anyone tried to do an open source @Facebook in modern history? Feels like window to disrupt $FB (Msgs, Twts) has opened w/coins / privacy.

05:39 PM  09/15/17 reply  |  re-tweet

If you were one of the @facebook app developers crushed by $FB (Msgs, Twts) bait & switch practices, there's a lawsuit brewing:

08:18 PM  09/10/17 reply  |  re-tweet

@LizDunn @insecurehbo My favorite show right now, @IssaRae is brilliant--no F&$KS (Msgs, Twts) given. @hbo should spin off…

02:25 PM  09/08/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Important read from @brianstelter: Why it's so hard to trust @Facebook - CNNMoney $FB (Msgs, Twts) #RussiaGate #FakeNews

11:29 AM  08/09/17 reply  |  re-tweet

The big chips left for @apple $GOOG (Msgs, Twts) & $FB (Msgs, Twts): buy hbo, NBA right or NFL rights.

11:27 AM  08/09/17 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @SquawkAlley: Happening Now: @Jason says betting against @elonmusk is like betting against humanity. $TSLA (Msgs, Twts)

11:27 AM  07/19/17 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @carlquintanilla: With more than 1/2 of $NFLX (Msgs, Twts) subs now int'l, "this is an international play, on the likes of $FB (Msgs, Twts) and $GOOGL (Msgs, Twts)" - @jason,…

07:18 PM  07/09/17 reply  |  re-tweet

@realDonaldTrump 3/they win & panic: oh sh&$T (Msgs, Twts), what if someone finds out we had these Russian meetings?!No problem,…

02:16 PM  05/05/17 reply  |  re-tweet

what the f!@#$%!@#$K (Msgs, Twts): this ice cream is 300 calories a pint!?!?!?!? I can eat 3 pints now! Can we get this down to…

05:17 PM  05/03/17 reply  |  re-tweet

.@flySFO is f@#$KED (Msgs, Twts) if sea levels rise significantly //

01:56 PM  04/26/17 reply  |  re-tweet

.@iab @finkd @Snap Snap is fully valued because investors watched $FB (Msgs, Twts) chase down $GOOG (Msgs, Twts); same reason @finkd steals…

01:49 PM  04/26/17 reply  |  re-tweet

.@iab Fascinating: $FB (Msgs, Twts) is closing the gap with $GOOG (Msgs, Twts) -- which is clearly a function of @finkd's focus & Alphabets ADHD

02:42 PM  03/08/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Talk about an incentive... take $SNAP (Msgs, Twts) public get $800m payday. good idea? is this standard?

02:20 PM  03/06/17 reply  |  re-tweet

oh $SNAP (Msgs, Twts)

06:05 PM  01/14/17 reply  |  re-tweet

@paulg @karaswisher what is the point of the next $TKTK (Msgs, Twts) anyway?!? Why not build what you really believe in as best you can? #naive

10:31 PM  12/14/16 reply  |  re-tweet

what the f@#$K (Msgs, Twts) am i watching?!?!

02:34 PM  11/27/16 reply  |  re-tweet

If you work at, own stock in or love @amazon, there's now a dedicated newsletter bout @JeffBezos' baby! $AMZN (Msgs, Twts)

07:20 PM  11/20/16 reply  |  re-tweet

Said another way, apple $AAPL (Msgs, Twts) has no idea how to acquire companies and is slowly going private. 😂

07:17 PM  11/03/16 reply  |  re-tweet

In one week @satyanadella & @micosoft launch the @surface studio & an @SlackHQ competitor... lots of good product from $MSFT (Msgs, Twts)

10:57 AM  11/03/16 reply  |  re-tweet

Oh for f&$K (Msgs, Twts) sake...

05:33 AM  10/27/16 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @bgurley: Staring at 2:47, my friend of 20+ yrs Mark Morris states his argument for $APPL (Msgs, Twts). At 4:40 (key point), @jason accuses him of a…

11:04 AM  09/26/16 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @robenfarzad: .@Jason Calacanis on everything from #Tesla to #Uber to the #AppleCar, $NYT (Msgs, Twts), cord-cutting and Hulk Hogan's bare arse https…

05:21 PM  09/18/16 reply  |  re-tweet

2/Note: @Apple $AAPL (Msgs, Twts) has a profit of 7-10B a quarter, so they could easily outspend Netflix and have tens of billions left over.

04:35 PM  09/17/16 reply  |  re-tweet

Question for $AAPL (Msgs, Twts) bulls/bears: how has apple's iphone profit per phone changed by year -- and how do you see that tending?

07:03 PM  09/10/16 reply  |  re-tweet

@binarybits and the optimistic take $AAPL (Msgs, Twts)

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