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Bio: Former-engineer-turned-attorney by day... Superdad by night. True believer in blockchain technology. Undervalued ŁTC dip-scooper.

01:08 PM  07/18/18 reply  |  re-tweet

All these P&D groups are back with a vengeance... p&d-ing all the "alt" s*** coins... Funny i hear people call $LTC (Msgs, Twts)…

09:46 PM  07/17/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @VentureCoinist: Once this $BTC (Msgs, Twts) ripper of a green candle slows down I expect alts to follow even if they are dipping slightly now. Large…

11:50 AM  07/15/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @d0c0il3rhodls: Is that time for show proof of frenship!!! For breaching 1000 followers I am giving away 10,000 $LUPE (Msgs, Twts) To qualify you mu…

08:02 AM  07/12/18 reply  |  re-tweet

Anybody agree with me that $LTC (Msgs, Twts) is not tracking $BTC (Msgs, Twts) as closely as it used to?

02:59 PM  06/26/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @MindYourCoins: 🔥 $BTC (Msgs, Twts) futures were regulated before ETFs to make sure $BTC (Msgs, Twts) was shorted to the max before they can jump in the boat they…

10:55 AM  06/16/18 reply  |  re-tweet

Watched @jasonappleton interview Clif High. Interesting to see the dismissiveness Jason had of $LTC (Msgs, Twts) in stark compar…

12:51 PM  06/14/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @WhaleAgents: The media - controlled by the goverment - reports that manipulation was involved with $BTC (Msgs, Twts) price rise during 2017. Manip…

08:37 AM  06/06/18 reply  |  re-tweet

#showerthoughts #Litecoinnation 1) no one complains about the $LTC (Msgs, Twts) fork like they do the $BCH (Msgs, Twts) fork. Maybe that's…

06:44 PM  03/25/18 reply  |  re-tweet

$LTC (Msgs, Twts) taking the stairs atm

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