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RT @OptionAssassin: $SPY (Msgs, Twts)

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RT @QuantEdges: Back to Back 50-day Lows and Extremely Low RSI(2) Readings: $SPX (Msgs, Twts) $SPY (Msgs, Twts) $QUANT (Msgs, Twts) $STUDY (Msgs, Twts)…

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RT @QuantEdges: A Look At Past $NDX (Msgs, Twts) Leaders That Gapped Down Big (For $FB (Msgs, Twts) Traders): $QUANT (Msgs, Twts) $STUDY (Msgs, Twts)…

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RT @McClellanOsc: $DJIA (Msgs, Twts) has been lurking just under 200MA for the past 7 trading days. That MA had previously acted as support. If DJIA st…

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RT @QuantEdges: Weak Week After June Opex: $SPX (Msgs, Twts) $SPY (Msgs, Twts) $QUANT (Msgs, Twts) $STUDY (Msgs, Twts)

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RT @QuantEdges: Seeing mixed evidence as we approach the close. This study suggests more downside possible. $SPX (Msgs, Twts) $SPY (Msgs, Twts) $QUANT (Msgs, Twts) $STUDY (Msgs, Twts) https:…

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RT @StockTwits: During the DotCom Bubble, about 80% of all IPOs had negative earnings. Today, that number is about 75%. $IPO (Msgs, Twts) $QQQ (Msgs, Twts) $SPY (Msgs, Twts) htt…

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RT @QuantEdges: Strong move today came on lightest NYSE volume of 2018...generally not good for short-term. $SPX (Msgs, Twts) $SPY (Msgs, Twts) $QUANT (Msgs, Twts) $STUDY (Msgs, Twts)

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RT @QuantEdges: Follow Through Days That Occur W/ Mild Breadth & Volume Have Struggled Historically: $SPX (Msgs, Twts) $SPY (Msgs, Twts) $QU (Msgs, Twts)…

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RT @HumbleStudent: Wow! $SPX (Msgs, Twts) oversold! @MarketCharts

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RT @QuantEdges: When $NDX (Msgs, Twts) Drops Big On A Day $SPX (Msgs, Twts) Posts An Intraday High: $SPY (Msgs, Twts) $QUANT (Msgs, Twts) $STUDY (Msgs, Twts)

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RT @dynamicvol: Today is the largest $VIX (Msgs, Twts) move on an SPX up day since Apr 2004. Here are the Top 10: cc: @SJD10304…

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RT @sentimentrader: Here is every time in 20 years that $SPX (Msgs, Twts) hovered near a high while financials hit a 1-month low. Partly due to tight ra…

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RT @MtlExchange: Large XIU trades: $XIU (Msgs, Twts).CA Feb 21.50 puts trade 219,500 contracts & $XIU (Msgs, Twts).CA Feb 22 puts trade 219,500 contracts

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RT @SJosephBurns: A good trading system is not a guarantee of profitability. $STUDY (Msgs, Twts) via @TraderHMS

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RT @Tsimaras: @steenbab I journal daily, market’s behavior and my trading execution rationale behind every trade. Helps a lot! #trading $ST (Msgs, Twts)…

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RT @bespokeinvest: The S&P 500 has only seen a smaller decline during a three month losing streak three other times since 1928. $SPY (Msgs, Twts) https…

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RT @ukarlewitz: $SPX (Msgs, Twts) up >1% on FOMC. Here are the last 10 instances and retracement percent from the close over next few wks…

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