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02:25 PM  09/20/18 reply  |  re-tweet

$SCRL (Msgs, Twts) please! @OfficialScroll

02:12 PM  09/20/18 reply  |  re-tweet

@HonestlyCrypto $SCRL (Msgs, Twts)

05:09 PM  09/18/18 reply  |  re-tweet

$SCRL (Msgs, Twts) @OfficialScroll 🚀

08:18 PM  09/14/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @Brad2pointO: $ICX (Msgs, Twts) USDT and $BTC (Msgs, Twts). As @tradingroomapp said, there's no fundamentals driving price, this is a playground for whales and tr…

04:55 AM  09/14/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @tradingroomapp: Do you often get confused about how to trade ALTs when $BTC (Msgs, Twts) is going up? Here is a quick guide for #crypto lovers Do…

09:06 PM  09/13/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @Josh_Rager: Worried you missed the $ETH (Msgs, Twts) bottom? We've seen this before, last month $ETH (Msgs, Twts) had a 28.48% rally before dropping to new low…

08:38 PM  09/12/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @Brad2pointO: $BTC (Msgs, Twts) found its way to near $20k with a fraction of the positive movements we're currently seeing in the regulatory industr…

10:00 AM  09/06/18 reply  |  re-tweet

Good luck team @OfficialScroll $SCRL (Msgs, Twts)

08:39 AM  09/05/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @CryptoVanessa: tomorrow #Scroll @OfficialScroll at @TechCrunch 🤓 👏🏽 what will happend ? 📈📊📉 $SCRL (Msgs, Twts) for more questions :…

08:39 AM  09/05/18 reply  |  re-tweet

@CryptoVanessa @OfficialScroll @TechCrunch $SCRL (Msgs, Twts) 🔥📈🚀

08:32 AM  09/05/18 reply  |  re-tweet

@MichaelSuppo $SCRL (Msgs, Twts)

01:26 PM  08/30/18 reply  |  re-tweet

That’s why i love my $SCRL (Msgs, Twts) @OfficialScroll

10:16 PM  08/28/18 reply  |  re-tweet

$SCRL (Msgs, Twts)

09:46 PM  08/28/18 reply  |  re-tweet

$SCRL (Msgs, Twts) @OfficialScroll 🚀

02:38 PM  08/28/18 reply  |  re-tweet

$SCRL (Msgs, Twts) will blow VERY soon... l have no doubt!!! @OfficialScroll

08:26 AM  08/28/18 reply  |  re-tweet

$SCRL (Msgs, Twts) @OfficialScroll New website!

08:16 PM  08/27/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @HsakaTrades: $BTC (Msgs, Twts) 1D (08/27/18) • Broke range high, retested as support, and expanded upwards. • Closed above weekly resistance • H…

02:44 PM  08/27/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @KingThies: Elaborating on the market bottom theory I'm apparently going to have to stick with now: $BTC (Msgs, Twts) didn't need to capitulate b/c a…

09:55 AM  08/27/18 reply  |  re-tweet

Tech Crunch Disrupt next week... It’s time to fill your bag of $SCRL (Msgs, Twts) 💰💰GO! @OfficialScroll you’re the BEST!!! 🚀🚀

03:39 PM  08/25/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @ScrollFans: .@OfficialScroll provided one of the most in depth technical whitepapers in #blockchain for $SCRL (Msgs, Twts) if you have any questions…

03:35 PM  08/24/18 reply  |  re-tweet

$SCRL (Msgs, Twts)

09:05 AM  08/24/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @ethlend1: Want to unlock liquidity from your #ScrollToken $SCRL (Msgs, Twts) on ETHLend? Re-tweet this post to vote and follow @ethlend1 to make it…

07:26 PM  08/18/18 reply  |  re-tweet

@ethlend1 $SCRL (Msgs, Twts)

04:23 AM  08/15/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @ToolFreeCrypto: Ya know, if $ETH (Msgs, Twts) wasn't so busy being eviscerated and relegated to the mirror dimension, $SCRL (Msgs, Twts) would've been on the run…

02:51 PM  08/14/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @Brad2pointO: Set myself up for not stating the companies I'm looking at lol. $ENG (Msgs, Twts), $SCRL (Msgs, Twts) and $ZIL (Msgs, Twts) out the gate. $NEO (Msgs, Twts) and $ICX (Msgs, Twts) when they…

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