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Bio: Strategist, trader & author of Currency Trading & Intermarket Analysis

08:55 AM  10/20/17 reply  |  re-tweet

2nd EUR trade posted & sent #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

07:02 PM  10/19/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Politics and Powell by @FX_Button #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

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Out of #EURUSD long at 1.1850 from 1.1740 entry but more importantly what's next #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

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Always gr8 to watch this interview w/ PaulTudorJones about Gold & risk on #BlackMonday30thanniversary #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts)

06:05 PM  10/18/17 reply  |  re-tweet

China Hints, Aussie Jobs Next by @FX_Button #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts) #AUD

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Premium Video posted & sent "More Range Trading" #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

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Two Tall Tales by @FX_Button #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

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Powell in the lead for Fed chair pick - Prediction mkts #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

01:08 PM  10/17/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Powell in the lead for Fed chair pick according to prediction mkts #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

12:37 PM  10/17/17 reply  |  re-tweet

#TaylorRule & its Creator too Rigid for #Trump #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $TNX (Msgs, Twts)

08:43 AM  10/17/17 reply  |  re-tweet

My take on #Airbus #Bombardier #Brexit for BNN #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

05:49 AM  10/17/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Taylor-Made For USD Strength (but his appointment is unrealistic) #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

01:56 PM  10/16/17 reply  |  re-tweet

New Premium GBP trade #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

12:00 PM  10/16/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Skipping Secular Stagnation #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts)

08:10 AM  10/16/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Inflation Secular Stagnation #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts) #GBP #Brexit

06:46 PM  10/11/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Minutes for Now, Minutes for Later by @FX_Button #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

01:41 PM  10/11/17 reply  |  re-tweet

"Euro Follows Script" - Latest Premium Video of existing & upcoming trades #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FX

09:38 AM  10/11/17 reply  |  re-tweet

What was Lost in Friday’s US Jobs Report #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) #USDCAD

07:29 AM  10/11/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Catalonia & Corker #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

11:58 AM  10/10/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Sterling & inflation revision #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts)

05:26 AM  10/10/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Sterling stoked by inflation revision #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) #FTSE #GBP

06:03 AM  10/05/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Looking under the Golden Hood #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $FXE (Msgs, Twts)

05:04 AM  10/05/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Saudi King visits Russia for first time China creates oil contracts convertible to #CNY #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $USO (Msgs, Twts)

05:39 PM  10/04/17 reply  |  re-tweet

What's the USD Upside? by @FX_Button #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts) $ $TNX (Msgs, Twts) $UUP (Msgs, Twts) $SL

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Premium Video posted & sent #forex $GLD (Msgs, Twts)

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