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Bio: Easy breezy kind of guy. Working on building wealth and having a good day 💃🏽💃🏽

04:48 PM  01/22/19 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @TradeWithNinja: $SPX (Msgs, Twts) 2625c .50-10.00 in 3-4mins but you still trading Common for $10-10.10 🧬🧬🧬🧬

11:49 PM  01/14/19 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @tendollarcalls: Brexit ... Nobody knows the direction. Just follow trend $SPX (Msgs, Twts)

01:22 PM  01/14/19 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @tendollarcalls: Chopfest 😴😴😴. $SPX (Msgs, Twts)

01:07 PM  01/10/19 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @TradeWithNinja: $BA (Msgs, Twts) out 5/11 11.49 from .88 +1300%

11:30 AM  01/08/19 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @the_spyqueen: $SPY (Msgs, Twts) #Bookmap

06:36 PM  12/28/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @TradeWithNinja: #ninjalert #freelotto UPDATE! don’t @ me $YUM (Msgs, Twts) 90.5c .27-1.90 (700%) Yum 92c .11-.60(540%) $PG (Msgs, Twts) 80.5c .54-2.62(480%) BA…

11:52 AM  12/28/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @tendollarcalls: $SPX (Msgs, Twts) bouncing and holding that Wednesday high. Still above 14 sma on 15 min. Let’s see if we test highs now https://t.c…

02:15 PM  12/10/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @TradeWithNinja: $SPY (Msgs, Twts) weekly

09:59 AM  12/06/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @CMarkleyTrading: Good news if you’re stressed in this market $AAPL (Msgs, Twts) watch can let you know if your heartbeat is regular.…

09:57 AM  12/06/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @the_spyqueen: $SPY (Msgs, Twts) doesn’t look like where gonna fill the gap . Where gona stair step down

01:56 PM  12/04/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @kkernttb: $SPX (Msgs, Twts) was extended and into stiff resistance... back in the middle of the channel in quick fashion... range bound for now....…

06:13 PM  12/03/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @tendollarcalls: Do we break out from this W or fade back ? $SPX (Msgs, Twts) $SPY (Msgs, Twts)

11:51 PM  11/28/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @tendollarcalls: $SPX (Msgs, Twts) $SPY (Msgs, Twts) entries / exits & thoughts. Roll up after locking gains, re entering as it consolidated at each level. Orange…

12:59 PM  11/16/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @1simpletrader: $SPX (Msgs, Twts) corrections are pretty violent but i wouldnt panic yet. feb correction looks identical to this one. oct 2014 was a…

04:06 PM  11/05/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @OddStats: In March 2000, I would have posted that since 1950, there had NEVER been a peak-to-trough drop on $SPX (Msgs, Twts) of -50% or more (until…

09:40 AM  11/02/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @the_spyqueen: $SPY (Msgs, Twts) you know the drill . Tell the price levels #bookmap

05:26 PM  10/31/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @tendollarcalls: Overall solid day & a great way to end the month. Nice breakout in $SPX (Msgs, Twts) & $SPY (Msgs, Twts) today. Solid gains $SPX (Msgs, Twts) 2710C: +$1,590…

10:19 AM  10/31/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @Trading4_Living: $FB (Msgs, Twts)

10:19 AM  10/31/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @TradeWithNinja: What’s crazy is so sooo many bearish on $AMZN (Msgs, Twts) yesterday and this week.. 1476 bears got ...

10:16 AM  10/31/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @OddStats: YOWZA. 42 minutes into the session $FB (Msgs, Twts) +5.9% $AMZN (Msgs, Twts) +5.0% $NFLX (Msgs, Twts) +7.9% (!) $GOOGL (Msgs, Twts) +3.8% $SPX (Msgs, Twts) +1.3%

09:20 AM  10/31/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @tendollarcalls: $SPX (Msgs, Twts) 2710 calls were down over 50%, but came back nice to end positive, I still have 3 $SPY (Msgs, Twts) puts from yesterday that I…

10:36 AM  10/29/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @TradeWithNinja: Just to be clear on why I say FANG traders need to expand their horizon..... $RHT (Msgs, Twts) wasn't on nobody radar its the stocks…

04:13 PM  10/27/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @tendollarcalls: Incredible day riding calls up and puts down $SPX (Msgs, Twts) and $SPY (Msgs, Twts) . $AAPL (Msgs, Twts) $FB (Msgs, Twts) $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) . Some great late day lottos helped lock a…

06:52 PM  10/17/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @the_spyqueen: $SPY (Msgs, Twts) prints we only had one levi $280.43. @mTradingMedia

08:30 AM  10/15/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @kpak82: $SPY (Msgs, Twts) (inverted) monthly. Anyone want go long with hold time 3 months? If we close the month here, it would be a 2B reversal htt…

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