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Bio: Dad, Husband, Economist, Investor, Professor

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RT @conradhackett: Journalists killed 1992-2015

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RT @carlquintanilla: With Flynn out, Mattis/McMasters in, Kremlin officials are "panicking", says @ianbremmer. Consensus view in Moscow re:…

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Taking bets on the location where his unexpected heart attack will occur on the way to the US

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Going to get worse for same reason-capital flight-RMB keeps falling

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RT @Jesse_Livermore: June 3, 1929: A darn good explanation of price-earnings ratios.

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And his work at the Santa Fe Institute

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RT @business: Expect higher prices for products made in China

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RT @NYTNational: Trump has insisted his campaign had no contact with Russian officials. But Russian officials say otherwise.…

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RT @IvoHDaalder: When Russian FM Lavrov speaks of a "post-Western order" he means "post-American." Trump Administration, please take notice.

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State conducted poll

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Why do they always write that the firm that ended up paying too much ‘won’ the auction?

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Serving drinks at Mar a Lago

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Please take your ignorance somewhere else

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It is sad and revealing when this is a news headline...

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Old rabbi joke: 1st I never borrowed the bucket. 2nd Was good as new when I gave it back 3rd It already had a hole…

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Got to have really good balance…..

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RT @activist360: "A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves." - Edward R. Murrow #resist

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I didn’t take any but will be happy to forward my bank information to anyone who can set it up...

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New China-Russia high speed rail will shorten supply chain to EU by weeks compared with US supply chain. Slam deman…

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Worked with brenda often. Smart, kind, true professional.

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Only better roomful 1504 when Leonardo, Machiavelli, Paccioli (invented 2x bookkeeping) all advised and lived w/ Ce…

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RT @NafeesaSyeed: Russia overtakes #Saudi Arabia as the world's largest crude oil producer via @business

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Some companies (exporters) will receive huge subsidies in the plan. Expect them to push for it.

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