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08:20 AM  10/04/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @TwainsMustache: $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) designed the Model 3 for "ease of manufacturing" -- reality? They spent $4 billion in 2017 and ended up making ca…

08:06 AM  10/04/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @EnerTuition: $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) Why is @Tesla stock down after announcing what many consider to be strong Q3 delivery numbers? My view below. H…

05:51 PM  10/02/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @Paul91701736: Here's what @nealboudette's NYT story looks like in the national print edition. $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) $TSLAQ (Msgs, Twts)

11:49 PM  10/01/18 reply  |  re-tweet

Unraveling a Tesla Mystery: Lots (and Lots) of Parked Cars $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) $TSLAQ (Msgs, Twts)

09:27 AM  10/01/18 reply  |  re-tweet

One curiosity about $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) filing @elonmusk profitability email with SEC - the 8K didn’t include the subject line: “…

09:06 AM  10/01/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @28delayslater: Writer to editor. I’m so sorry I just can’t make this headline negative (fired) $TSLA (Msgs, Twts)

09:05 AM  10/01/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @WintonCapPtnrs: Cramer proving my long time point about him being a shallow researcher. Saying $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) ordeal with SEC is over. WRONG, J…

10:10 AM  09/30/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @QTRResearch: This is my favorite part of the Musk/SEC settlement. $TSLA (Msgs, Twts)

10:05 AM  09/30/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @ValueAnalyst1: If you haven’t test driven a #Tesla #Model3, you haven’t completed your research. $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) #NotSellingAShareBefore1500 htt…

12:51 AM  09/30/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @JackSeroy: $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) bear thesis has finally died! Q3 results should show amazing production numbers and at last profitability!

08:13 AM  09/28/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @Lebeaucarnews: Citi moves $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) to "sell" following SEC charging @elonmusk, saying, "if Mr. Musk ends up staying on, the reputational…

07:54 AM  09/25/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @Polixenes13: @elonmusk @ctbarker32 Please tell me no one, not even the biggest $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) fan, is going to believe the "building our own car…

03:36 PM  09/22/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @brodieferguson: 🤔🤔🤔 did I miss the chapter in The Toyota Way where they recommended using an army of untrained volunteer zealots? $TSLA (Msgs, Twts)…

08:01 AM  09/19/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @rocketL49: Vancouver #Tesla $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) is delivering Model 3s until 10pm everyday. Demand is insane.

07:56 AM  09/19/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @tool_grinder: Let's hope somebody at @CNBC asks Ross about his $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) $420 "I'm talking to Tesla, this is real" Tweet. He's part and pa…

08:19 AM  09/17/18 reply  |  re-tweet

How the shorts view @tesla $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) @elonmusk

02:45 PM  09/16/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @BullTesla: Saw a massive crowd around a $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) #Model3 just now. They are increasing in number but still relatively rare in my Texas Ci…

09:27 AM  09/16/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @zomgapocalypse: What people should absolutely have zero concern about is that the $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) Gigafactory will have more fires by the end of…

12:36 AM  09/16/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @TeslaCharts: Nailed it bro. Or. Elon is running $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) into the ground. One of those two things for sure. P.S. Elon had his twitter pr…

10:11 AM  09/14/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @Polixenes13: What? A mainstream journalist writing about the $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) Model 3s stacking up in a Burbank CA lot & questioning what that say…

11:14 PM  09/13/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @GreatCrashO2018: $TSLA (Msgs, Twts)'s subsidiary Tesla Motors Limited UK filed a "Registration of Charge" on 28 Aug. 2018- a credit agreement with B…

06:03 PM  09/12/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @DeanAsbell: $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) A forty point rally to the upside after the stock is deemed un-investable by a former major bull, production #'s cut…

05:46 PM  09/11/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @orthereaboot: This is a $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) Model 3 Lemon, not an X! (h/t @Paul_M_Huettner for pointing out my error). Model 3, already. wow. https…

09:25 PM  09/10/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @JoeyExperience: @nealboudette Neal, you can’t. I don’t understand why $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) would forgo those investments, but the CEO “specifically do…

07:45 PM  09/10/18 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @ProphetTesla: FACT: Since the release of the Tesla Model 3, sales of the Mercury Grand Marquis have gone to zero...ZERO. $TSLA (Msgs, Twts) https:/…

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